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An Awesome Way to Document Baby's First Year - Polka Dot Print Shop Baby Book

An Awesome Way to Document Baby's First Year

Your baby's first year is such an exciting time! In the midst of the constant sleep deprivation, diaper changes and feedings, you're sure to forget all of the big (and little!) milestones that they hit daily. 

Let's be real - those first few months are all about survival! Keeping up with a baby book is the furthest thing from your mind. But, it's so, so important that you DO keep up with a baby book, because one day, you'll look back and wonder where time has gone.

We've designed our baby books to be short, simple and to the point so that you can fill the pages out without spending too much time doing so. Every milestone is covered and no memory will be forgotten. 


Here's the best way to document Baby's First Year.


 Document Baby's First Year, baby book

Our friends at Little Nugget have the best baby milestone app that is the perfect compliment to your Polka Dot Print Shop baby book. The Little Nugget app allows you to capture baby's growth and milestones in a quick and easy way.


Simply download the app and upload pictures of your sweet baby. Add some Little Nugget stickers documenting baby's age, first outings, holidays or milestones. Print the pictures using the app and then add them into your baby book. Easy!



Set aside a little time each month to catch up on the monthly journal pages in your baby book. I like doing this just before baby turns another month older so that the memories + milestones are still fresh in my head!


Baby book 1 month page


If baby has been to the doctor recently, jot down their measurements on the growth page. Don't forget to keep up with their favorite things, eating + sleeping habits and of course their most memorable moment from the month! I like to keep a note running in my phone to jot these things down. That way, it's all there for me at the end of the month when I sit down to write in the book.


8 Month Baby Book Page, filled in

Grab your favorite scrapbook adhesives, stick your printed pictures from Little Nugget onto the photo page and call it good! 


8 Month Baby Book Page

various baby month pictures

Using this method to document Baby's First Year is not only easy, but also the best way to create an heirloom that can be passed onto baby when they're all grown up! And why stop documenting after the first year? Polka Dot Print Shop has Toddler Books and Little Nugget has tons of artwork and stickers to document the toddler years.


filling in a baby book

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