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The Best Pregnancy Journal, Ever!

The Best Pregnancy Journal, Ever!

Bump Book

From the first positive pregnancy test, morning sickness, first kicks and third trimester exhaustion, your pregnancy milestones are something that you'll want to look back on in years to come. Keep track of your weekly progress and updates (good, bad and ugly!) in a Polka Dot Print Shop Bump Book.


Bump Book


Start from the beginning and record those first cravings and aversions, symptoms and thoughts. Our Bump Book includes bi-weekly journal pages and photo pages giving you the perfect place to display your weekly bump pictures. 


Bump Book


Remember our friends at Little Nugget? They have the perfect pregnancy milestone stickers! We highly recommend combining their app with our books to create the perfect heirloom. 


Bump Book


Start documenting baby's story from the very beginning and purchase a Bump Book today!

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