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About Leslie
Leslie Berhanu is a Texas A&M graduate turned English Teacher / Yearbook Advisor turned Stay at Home Mom to 4 curly-haired kiddos. She has always enjoyed graphic design and seeing her ideas come to life. 
About Polka Dot Print Shop
Polka Dot Print Shop was established during an afternoon nap in late 2011 when Leslie Berhanu opened up an Etsy shop on a whim. She decided to share the baby book that she created for her own child with other mamas looking for something modern and unique. The response was overwhelming and that drove Leslie to perfect the process of producing each book in a timely and professional manner, yet still allowing for customization and personalization.
As a mama to 4 kiddos, Leslie knows that free time is hard to come by. Filling out a baby book tends to take a back seat to the daily tasks of parenting. Keeping that in mind, she designed a book that hits all of the important milestones, yet doesn't require hours upon hours to fill out. Polka Dot Print Shop's Baby Books reflect a simplistic and timeless design that appeals to modern moms and dads.
Today, Leslie manages Polka Dot Print Shop from her home office just outside of Houston, Texas. She takes pride in designing, assembling and packaging each and every order that comes across her desk.